Best cemetery in Cary NC — top three tips to help you choose

Coffin at a cemetery in Cary NCYou want details on the best cemetery in Cary NC or surrounding areas. Well, this page is a good place to start. In the video top tips list below, you’ll find basic points that, frankly, few people know.

To begin, I’m Don from Piedmont Pine Coffins. Over the last five years I’ve dealt with lots of funeral homes and cemeteries in Cary and the Triangle. I’ve been on the local news and in magazines and newspapers talking about my work. Yep, I even made the Los Angeles Times once.

My condolences if you have to plan a funeral. Below — in this 2-min video — are three beginner tips to keep in mind when you choose a cemetery.

Now, watched that? Good, here’s the contact form I was talking about:

Send me the form and I won’t use your details for anything other than having someone who knows about this or that cemetery in Cary NC or the larger Triangle get in touch with you. You don’t need to put your full name. You can write your phone number or email, whatever you’re comfortable with.

Green burial cemetery in Cary NC?

Firstly, about tip #3 in the video — yes, I do favor green burial. But you should pick what funeral plans fit your family.

Secondly, as for the burial vault? I couldn’t fit all there is to say in a 2-minute video. Those of you looking for “dust-to-dust” flexibility should investigate local church cemeteries and burials on private land. Or, you can ask that the vault be inverted, lidless, so the coffin rests on the dirt.

I hope these brief tips help. Have more questions? Want in-depth advice or a free quote on services at a cemetery in Cary NC? Fill in the form and I’ll tell someone I trust to contact you.