Coffin Plans to Make Your Own Plywood Coffin

Coffin Plans for the DIYer

Make a deep connection:  Use these coffin plans to build one yourself! These coffin plans will show you how to make a simple plywood coffin.

Taking an active role helps prepare and grieve a death. Though the wood and other materials are inexpensive (well under $200), the satisfaction of your hands-on contribution to the undertaking of a loved one’s funeral — or your own — is of great value.

If you are a novice woodworker, take courage.

You will find these coffin plans straightforward. The tool and material lists, as shown below, are short and basic. In 8 steps, you’ll have a sturdy plywood coffin without busting the year’s budget! Estimated construction time is 4 hours. Preview a sample page from the coffin plans before you purchase.

Coffin Plans from Piedmont Pine Coffins


  • screwdriver (power or hand tool)
  • saw (power or hand tool)
  • tape measure
  • pencil

MATERIALS for 6′ coffin

  • 3/4″ inch plywood, about $70
  • 2″x4″ wood, about $12
  • 2″ screws, about $10
  • OPTIONAL:  1-1/4″ screws for optional lid guides and handles:, about $10

The regular size coffin is 6′ long; the long is 6’6″ and costs a little more for the extra plywood. Both sizes are deep (about 15″) and wide (about 23″). Both regular and long coffin plans come included.

For people in and close to NC, USA, I am willing to come to you for a workshop fee and show you how to build this coffin. You’ll still be doing it yourself, but with help! Also, I don’t normally build this coffin for sale, but I will if asked:  919-704-6392   don @

There are two ways to purchase.  

1) Buy online for $4.95 plus tax, and we’ll email you the plans. 

2) Mail us a check for $13 and we’ll mail you the coffin plans.

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