Coffin Plans to Make Your Own Plywood Coffin

Coffin Plans for the DIYer

Make a deep connection:  Use these coffin plans to build one yourself! These coffin plans will show you how to make a simple plywood coffin.

Taking an active role helps prepare and grieve a death. Though the wood and other materials are inexpensive (well under $200), the satisfaction of your hands-on contribution to the undertaking of a loved one’s funeral — or your own — is of great value.

If you are a novice woodworker, take courage.

You will find these coffin plans straightforward. The tool and material lists, as shown below, are short and basic. In 8 steps, you’ll have a sturdy plywood coffin without busting the year’s budget! Estimated construction time is 4 hours. Preview a sample page from the coffin plans before you purchase.

Coffin Plans from Piedmont Pine Coffins


  • screwdriver (power or hand tool)
  • saw (power or hand tool)
  • tape measure
  • pencil

MATERIALS for 6′ coffin

  • 3/4″ inch plywood, about $70
  • 2″x4″ wood, about $12
  • 2″ screws, about $10
  • OPTIONAL:  1-1/4″ screws for optional lid guides and handles:, about $10

The regular size coffin is 6′ long; the long is 6’6″ and costs a little more for the extra plywood. Both sizes are deep (about 15″) and wide (about 23″). Both regular and long coffin plans come included.

To purchase:  

Buy online for $4.95, and we’ll email you the plans.