Speaking Engagements

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What’s that? You say your group wants to hear stories about

  • green burial: how to plan, what it is, who can help
  • tiny house life: what it’s like in a 12′ x 12′ with small kids
  • off-grid living: how to wash, clean, and eat without electricity
  • cottage industry: reflections on small, sustainable business
  • adventures in farmsteading: bedpans, cuspidors, and the rest

or about life in magical Chatham County in general? I’m happy to oblige, including photos (so a projection system of some kind would be nice) and anecdotes and, most importantly, interaction with your group. I enjoy instant feedback and comments from the crowd, so I work that into the presentation. In this regard, a microphone would be a help. I use a sliding fee scale ($250 to $1250) that considers a number of variables: group size, distance traveled, length of speech.

Request a date by calling 919-704-6392 or emailing don @ PiedmontPineCoffins.com