After-death communication: This curious parakeet will make you sniffle

You may know that Piedmont Pine Coffins was on hiatus during our extended stay in Costa Rica. But now we’re back with a tiny tale of a parakeet that will put some “pollen” in your eyes. The bird was an after-death communication from my dad.

Before my short story begins, a reminder that I’ll soon be offering a new product. Not a coffin per se but an heirloom memorial that families will love. Stay tuned here! It’ll be a casket classic! Details shortly.

Now, remember that an after-death communication (ADC) is a big deal for a lot of people going through grieving. Basically, an ADC is a message to a bereaved person from a loved one on the Other Side. It often gives great comfort. Stories of ADCs are common and span the globe across many cultures.

A little green bird

So my story starts with the green parakeets of Costa Rica. I saw them first in the jungle at the tip of the Nicoya peninsula — my first teaching job — and then later in the big city of San Jose — my second job. They always astonished me. Before Costa Rica, I had only ever seen them solo, caged in a pet store. But here they flew around in great flocks, landing in the Guanacaste trees and screeching a piercing cry to their mates. Only here, I thought to myself. I came here to see this.

In early July of 2018, my dad died. He died before I could get home. In fact, I was on the plane. Still on the runway in Costa Rica. My dad died in hospice surrounded by my sisters and his sweetheart. I later heard that for several days he’d had one foot on the Other Side. But he came back for one lucid moment to tell the assembly, “I love you.” Then he was gone, both feet now set to hallow new haunts.

A few days later, we all re-assembled at the funeral home to view the body. Then, outside now, under a tree, I looked up. A green parakeet! I pointed it out to the others, saying, “Wow, that’s strange. There are tons of those birds in Costa Rica.” It fluttered around in the branches for a time, then was gone. Inside the funeral home, nobody knew about an escaped pet. However, I didn’t have time to over-wonder. In those days, there was much to do. There was a funeral to perform and a soccer World Cup to watch. Plus, I had to get myself back to Costa Rica for a new job. Life proceeded.

An after-death communication

It wasn’t until 2021 that the after-death communication — the specifics, the certainty of it — touched me. My wife and I were watching the Netflix documentary Surviving Death. A friend of hers had recommended it. (And I recommend it to you.) One episode was about ADCs. That’s when the image of the little green bird came back to me, along with a knowledge that seemed to come from my gut or my heart — not my brain. That’s when I knew, and that’s when the tears started flowing on automatic. I’d finally “read” my dad’s loving communique. The message that, according to my bodily knowledge, was tied to the circumstance of our great physical distance at the time of his death:

“You came all the way back from Costa Rica to see me. And I? I went all the way there to see you.”