Back in action, our gallows humor will make you grin

Piedmont Pine Coffins is back in action. It’s been awhile!

Hello to all subscribers and coffin plan downloaders. Firstly, I hope you’re well and thriving. This is Don from Piedmont Pine Coffins writing with an update.

Back in action with a new memorial product shipping soon, stay tuned
Getting back in action. Ready to ship soon. Stay tuned here!

You may know that in 2017, my dear father — understandably, in a true end-of-life American healthcare story — chose to sell the farmstead that was home base for Piedmont Pine Coffins. (Liquid assets were needed.) Ever since then, I’ve forwarded any orders I get to my fellow North Carolina coffin maker John Jull. He’s based in Greensboro, and his business is Aldergrove Woodworks.

Meanwhile, my family and I took a three-year adventure in Costa Rica. I taught high school, and everybody worked on their Spanish. Also, back in the States, several family members died! Some gallows humor here: I said to myself, I’m a day late and a dollar short on making coffins for my own family. Sheesh.

Now I’m back — and getting back in action. I’m aiming for another farmstead. Aiming for a new product under the Piedmont Pine Coffins flag. Aiming for not a coffin per se but an heirloom memorial families will love. Stay tuned here! It’ll be a casket classic!

Finally, an apology. Recently I did some website maintenance that, unbeknownst to me, sent out a few emails about long-ago coffins being shipped anew. If you received one of these emails, please ignore, and I’m sorry.


  1. Gene Long says

    Glad to hear from you again! I’m still working on building mine/my wife’s — all wood cut (BOUGHT WAY BEFORE PRICE SKYROCKETED!!!) and hardware ready — just need to screw in place. It’s taken me a while, but I’ll finish up in a month or so. Thank you!!!

    • Way to go, Gene. If I were building from the plywood plans again, I might reduce the interior height from the body board to the top edge. A human body only needs about 12″ of space lying down, from, say, the tip of the nose to the body board, and I’ve given about 14″ or 15″ in these plans. See what you think. Respectfully, Don