Billy Graham’s pine coffin

Billy Graham's pine coffin

Humbler than humble

Billy Graham’s pine coffin, in the last two weeks, made a big splash in the death pool.

This very website, as an example, doubled its usual traffic to about 100 new users per day. For us that’s dang-it viral!

The number one page people looked at? Our DIY plywood coffin plans. Also, one potential client emailed to say she was getting her affairs in order under specific inspiration from Billy Graham’s pine coffin. Funeral costs, she said, are outrageous! True ’nuff.

For those of you just joining in, this is Don from Piedmont Pine Coffins in North Carolina. We help families hold a more inexpensive and natural funeral.

I’m pretty sure that Billy Graham’s total funeral expenses — what with the embalming, the days-long procession, and the lying in state — will tote up outrageously, too. Still, we here at Piedmont Pine Coffins, naturally, cannot fault him and his family for the fine optics and powerful message of a simple pine box coffin.

Billy Graham’s pine coffin

Billy Graham's pine coffin

by Jeff Siner, Charlotte Observer News

Here now, a few more comments directed from under the lid of an operation that actually makes simple caskets like Billy Graham’s pine coffin.

First of all, Billy Graham should have shopped locally, ha! After all, we are a North Carolina, USA, enterprise. We could have saved the family a lot of money on shipping.

His came from a prison in Louisiana. Shipping quibbles aside, what a great intelligence dispatch from “the inside”! We are all criminals — one way or ‘tother. Or, rather, the specifically Christian message might be that we all stand equal in God’s sight.

More ecumenically put, Death the Great Leveler.

Billy Graham’s pine coffin was not quite a simple pine box. Yes, it was a beaut. Yes, it was made by hand. Call the maker an artisan. However, ours at Piedmont Pine Coffins are simpler, squarer, and flatter-of-lid. Solid pine, too, not plywood. Our optics are humbler. We feature rope handles and right-angle geometry. Ours have a brighter look, not stained dark to imitate another wood. We use clear tung oil that proudly reveals the everyday grain of the pine. Ours are not made by pattern but rather one at a time and even custom-sized.

Star power

There are — believe it or not — a fair number of small-time artisan pine casket makers across the US and Canada. About 20, in that range. All it will take to make our great reform truly go viral is a thing like Billy Graham’s pine coffin. Just one tick in the fantastic fabric of the culture, one focal moment. We need star power. I myself once wrote to the Carter Center in Atlanta to see if that famed framer of walls Jimmy had already framed his funeral options and nailed down his casket plans. Imagine that, a president in a pine coffin! The Georges and Barack — are you listening? Bill?

Billy Graham’s pine coffin — or even better, one of our simple caskets — would also be a natural fit for a Grammy winner dirt-road country singer, an NBA star tipping the hat to his small town roots, or a writer who made bucks when every man and woman bought her books. A pine coffin looks awesome under politicians conservative and progressive alike. It is, after all, the poor to middle class option. One guy who should definitely be ordering a simple pine coffin from us: Bernie Sanders. On message to the end — and Beyond!

Thank you, Billy Graham’s pine coffin.


  1. Rexanne Hetrick says

    As a Christian i am deeply disturbed by the out and out catty tone of your article. Really turned me off and I’m sure many others!!! While I’m sure your pine coffins are the finest quality this type of advertising tells me a whole lot about the owners of this business. Whether it was or was not purchased thru you… are going to see many future sales. BE THANKFUL!
    Just my simple thought regarding your post!

    • Yes, I hear you Rexanne and can’t gainsay your point of view. Probably we agree that the great message of Billy’s coffin choice is to say we are all equal in God’s eyes. I admire that part and hope you and others will notice my praise in that respect. Thank you for the feedback, even if negative.

  2. L. simpson says

    Everybody wants to sound ” Intelligent” especially those with “Degrees behind their names”. I Believe and understand about LIFE. There are some humans that do not believe what they read in the Book called “The Bible” and although I have not gone to High School or College, I read very well. According to the Book of Genesis.. OUR body was formed from the dust of the ground. I was just a THING FORM.. IF something was not PUT inside it, then IT would not have become a LIVING thing. So that make 2 different items, The BODY which holds the Spirit. So, when I ask someone “Can you see me?” they say YES.. I say NO you can’t, what you are seeing is my PHYSICAL BODY.. I am a SPIRIT.. Which means when a SPIRIT’S body no longer functions it is buried(to cover up the stench) from the FLESH. So, what is it that is going to STAND JUDGEMENT? The DEAD STINKING MEAT AND BONES? OR .. When JESUS said “Let the DEAD bury their DEAD” He meant..Let the SPIRITUALLY DEAD bury their SPIRITUALLY DEAD”. so now we are on the subject of BILLY GRAHAMS ” BODY “COFFIN. A pine box, BEAUTIFULLY DECORATED.. What difference would it have made if his body was place in a 55 gallon barrel? OH NO! The Great REV Graham? What about the Great Al Capone, is he going to Heaven? None of us is PERFECT, Remember the Guy who told JESUS..”have done all good things FROM MY YOUTH UP”…JESUS said, but you LACK ON THING” AND THE ONE THING HE LACKED FAILED HIM. We will be JUDGED on our performance of the Commandments of GOD. So, when the Day of Judgement comes, Bill Gates all the way down to the Homeless..WILL BE ON THE SAME PAGE. OH! i read what they do with the HOMELESS people’s BODIES. I pray that GOD have mercy on their souls. So, to the people who will laugh “HHAAA he was buried in plastic barrel? I have insurance to pay $30,000 for by funeral. BRAVO! but you are going to HELL.