Burial shroud and board, also known as a “trundle coffin”

trundle coffin burial shroud

A trundle is the ultimate in dignified and elegant green burial.

A burial shroud and a body board make what’s known as a trundle coffin. The platform as seen here is meant for transport and burial of the shrouded body. The shroud can be as simple as a cotton sheet, and our trundle has a 5″ edge to secure the body. The trundle is lowered into a grave as with a coffin, usually by rope.

Find beautiful shrouds for purchase here and more beautiful shrouds here.

A coffin finish option for the trundles (and also for the box coffins) is our own black walnut stain. It dries to a rich matte cocoa color. We make the stain from autumn’s crop of black walnut hulls collected from our own trees here at Melleray Farmstead, the cottage industrial home of Piedmont Pine Coffins. The stain is seasonally available. Once the hulls are gone, they are gone till next year.

black walnut stain

Black walnut stain


  • $750
  • tung oil finish
  • 1″ oak dowel handles for strength
  • tongue-and-grooved planks of local NC pine

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