Coffin Decoration — The Personal Touch

coffin decoration and that personal touch

Pine Box Coffin Lid
Personalized by Family and Friends

When it comes to coffin decoration, how can you lend that personal touch?

Rich in NC recently sent me this photo, right. It’s the lid of his sister Beth’s coffin (constructed by Piedmont Pine Coffins). Note the finishing details:

  • The cross of iron hand-wrought by a family friend
  • The flowers painted by a neighbor close to Beth

I always encourage families to partake together in coffin decoration. This can be as simple as picking up the coffin from the farmstead, as wrenching as driving in the final nails at the right moment in the parlor or at the grave, or as creative as extensive schemes of memorialization and decoration. Here are a few other ideas families use:

  • pine boughs inside and on the lid
  • silk scarves inside and draping/overflowing the sides
  • photos from a loved one’s life story taped to the sides of the coffin
  • love and farewell notes written on the coffin itself with colored markers
  • wood shavings available from Piedmont Pine Coffins

Any active role we undertake, it is said, helps us to process the loss, to grieve, and to heal. Many thanks to Rich for sharing these coffin decoration details.