Digital Detox in Costa Rica

Hello from Costa Rica Digital Detox! This is Don Byrne of Piedmont Pine Coffins. You may know I’ve been here for a while traveling and teaching while Carolina Casket Makers has been making the coffins in my stead. 

Digital Detox in Costa Rica

Here’s my new local project. If you would, please pass along this idea to associates of yours who may be interested in a Digital Detox Retreat here in Costa Rica.

In conjunction with the flagship university of the United Nations here in Costa Rica, specifically its Centre for Executive Education, a week of Digital Detox. No laptops or smart phones — just pens, paper, creativity, and time to think expansively! 

The idea, in short, is a week of “time out of time” on offer for 7-15 busy adults — executive or no — to experience transcendent travel in a tropical paradise. The Centre has all the infrastructure in place and is keen to host — something they already do year-round. Logistics are set. 

About me: Thanks to my years living off-grid at Melleray Farmstead, home of the coffin workshop, I know the value, for a change of pace, of unplugging and recharging — via pen and paper! I have a “CV in slow living”: I was featured in the Los Angeles Times and the Duke Alumni Magazine, among others, for the farmstead. In addition, I have many years experience leading both students and adults, including recent training in workshop techniques through the International Institute for Restorative Practices. With paper and, perhaps, old-fashioned fountain pens (!), participants could, in their quiet time without laptops or iPhones, among many other things:

  • start novels
  • design products
  • brainstorm blog entries
  • map out future strategies, tapping into a vein of creativity that only a measure of silence affords

There may be other places in the world offering Digital Detox. But Digital Detox in Costa Rica — the beaches, the mountains — it’s the perfect place. If this sounds good, let’s put our heads together. Email me: