Can I bring my own casket to a funeral home, and other FAQs


What’s the farthest you deliver?
In our delivery van, NC and the states around it.  Further, too — ask about freight shipping.

How fast can Piedmont Pine Coffins deliver?
1-2 days, depending on your distance from central NC. Shipping to the West Coast would take longer. Note that our maximum output is 2 coffins per week.

How are your coffins made?
We pick up planks from a local mill. We cut, edge, and join the boards by hand.

Can you make a pet casket?
Yes, and we will be happy to custom-size it for your pet.

Will funeral homes accept a coffin I’ve bought from Piedmont Pine Coffins?
According to the Funeral Rule of the Federal Trade Commission, they are required to.

Are your coffins suitable for a standard vault in a contemporary cemetery?

What kind of handles does Piedmont Pine Coffins use?
Rope handles are standard. If you like, we can also arrange thick oak dowel handles.

Are your coffins suitable for home funerals and cremations?

Is there any metal in your coffins?
Some feature all-wood fasteners, others have minimal screws or nails in the joinery.

Are your coffins lined?
Yes, with fragrant pine shavings.

Are the coffins stained or painted?
We encourage families to decorate or stain the coffins themselves as a way to add meaning to the transition, and most of our coffins are of simple planed pine. We add a tung oil stain.

Where can I find out how to conduct a home funeral or green burial?
On our Resources Page, find links for green and home funeral education.