“Get three coffins ready,” says Clint

Get three coffins ready, sez ClintThanks to friend Paul and others for alerting me to perhaps the most famous green burial coffin line in all of movie-dom. In this scene from the 1964 spaghetti Western Fistful of Dollars, Clint Eastwood gets hassled and gets revenge.

It seems a couple of town regulars have taken offense to the new guy in the poncho riding in on a burro. The hootin’ and hollerin’ townies sling some insults and end up shooting their six-guns at the poor burro’s hooves. The burro bolts.

Clint strides back towards the men, intent to salvage his donkey’s honor. He happens to pass the undertaker and spits out a classic: “Get three coffins ready.” Click the pic to see the whole scene and how it ends.

Note that the coffins are domed trapezoids — beautiful. One of my competitors sells similar. The undertaker seems to be holding a sanding block or a smoothing plane. Funny how he’s working outside, though. And I can tell you from experience that propping a coffin against a post or a wall or a fence is not sufficient. Half the genius of woodworking is clamping things securely.

Were these old west burials green burials? Most likely. Eastwood says to the sheriff, “Your job is to get these men in the ground.” They probably went from doomed clods to daisy pushers within 24 hours, sans embalming.

Know any other famous movie coffin lines? Write in and let us know.