What is too much? What is enough? Tiny houses, green burial, simple living, and seize the day.


Green Burial Information Session Earth Day 2014

Piedmont Pine Coffins is hosting a green burial information session at the Chatham County library in Pittsboro, NC. We chose Earth Day (Tue 22 April) to celebrate the more environmentally friendly options available with green burial. We will meet in the Holmes Room at 6:00 pm. Attendees will get to hear, in broad strokes, what […]

Conversion of manners and green coffins

“Conversion of manners” is a term from the world of Benedictine monks. What does it have to do with green burial and coffins? At Melleray Farmstead, the cottage industrial home of Piedmont Pine Coffins, we like to say we take inspiration from monks and monasteries — primarily the Benedictine tradition. Benedict’s monks down the ages […]

New Monasticism in the Garden at Melleray Farmstead

Let there be a garden for the New Monasticism at Melleray Farmstead, the cottage industrial home of Piedmont Pine Coffins. Before I get to the New Monasticism, however, here are some borrowings from the Old. We’re not old monks here — we’re a young family — but we do echo some old ways. The official […]

“Get three coffins ready,” says Clint

Thanks to friend Paul and others for alerting me to perhaps the most famous green burial coffin line in all of movie-dom. In this scene from the 1964 spaghetti Western Fistful of Dollars, Clint Eastwood gets hassled and gets revenge. It seems a couple of town regulars have taken offense to the new guy in the poncho riding […]

Green burial New York publicity push

The omphalos of it all — NYC — now knows green burial, thanks to Amy Cunningham. With her recent premium publicity, she IS green burial New York. Amy is the blogger and funeral director behind The Inspired Funeral. She has put together a mighty fine collection of links for someone who wants a primer on […]

Tiny Houses: Melleray Farmstead American Gothic

Thanks to IndyWeek for this recent tiny house profile of Melleray Farmstead, the cottage industrial hub for Piedmont Pine Coffins! For more tiny houses, see Tiny House Listings and its collected expertise courtesy of Steven Harrell. Indy Week, if you didn’t know, is the central NC arts, entertainment, and politics newsweekly. Check out the photo of […]