Green burial coffins for ashes to ashes and dust to dust

green burial coffins from Piedmont Pine Coffins

The dignity in simple pine

Green burial coffins? Yes, pine coffins are legal and dignified. Even better, with a Piedmont Pine Coffin, you take back part of the end-of-life care for your loved one. You are choosing a more natural end. Dust to dust. We use local southern yellow pine and deliver locally, too, straight to you. Long-distance shipping is also available — just ask. We are honored to be part of the end-of-life plans for your loved one, and we hope it shows in the quality and care of our coffins — the dignity in simple pine.

CASKETS! — a vile modern phrase, which compels a person of sense and good taste to shrink more disgustfully than ever before from the idea of being buried at all.

—  Nathaniel Hawthorne, d. 1864, in About Warwick

Green burial coffins — or is it caskets?

Is it a casket, or are they green burial coffins? Both words are fine, of course, but we prefer the rustic connotations of the word “coffin.” According to the etymologists, a “casket” properly meant a small box for jewels. Applying this word to a coffin (by the early 1800s) is an American innovation.

The contemporary funeral industry, by contrast, says that a casket has four sides, while a coffin has six. Six sides? Yes — the traditional “toe-pincher,” broader at the shoulder and pinched at the toes. At Piedmont Pine Coffins, we are happy to help families reclaim the undertaking of a loved one’s funeral with green burial coffins or green burial caskets, however it should please you to call it.

When death came calling in the Colonial era, a family typically hired the village cabinetmaker or carpenter to produce the coffin, expecting him to turn it out within a day or two of the order, just ahead of its use in the funeral. — p. 134 Grave Matters by Mark Harris (Scribner, 2007)

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green burial coffinsFragrant pine shavings make an (optional) natural lining for our green burial coffins. We save the shavings from the manufacturing process and offer them free of charge to families who want an all-natural liner. Call 919-357-1166 or email info @

Piedmont Pine Coffins from Nikki Murdoch on Vimeo.