Green Burial Information Session Earth Day 2014

Green Burial Information SessionPiedmont Pine Coffins is hosting a green burial information session at the Chatham County library in Pittsboro, NC. We chose Earth Day (Tue 22 April) to celebrate the more environmentally friendly options available with green burial. We will meet in the Holmes Room at 6:00 pm.

Attendees will get to hear, in broad strokes, what we as a society do for burial now, what green burial is, and where to find more details. The information session will follow an interactive format. You’ll get to share with others what you know about green burial and the modern landscape of funeral service options.

We welcome and invite the public, end-of-life care practitioners, the medical community, hospice, elder care, funeral directors, home funeral guides — anyone who’s interested in a “good death” and how to plan for it. We would welcome you.

This green burial information session is brought to you by Piedmont Pine Coffins, where we make by hand simple pine boxes and help families reclaim the power of death care for our loved ones.