Green burial New York publicity push

green burial New YorkThe omphalos of it all — NYC — now knows green burial, thanks to Amy Cunningham. With her recent premium publicity, she IS green burial New York.

Amy is the blogger and funeral director behind The Inspired Funeral. She has put together a mighty fine collection of links for someone who wants a primer on green burial, home funerals, and a thoughtful approach to our inevitable end. One of those links is a short video that answers a simple question simply, What is green burial? I recommend it for its brevity and balance.

Green burial New York

Amy was brought to my attention by friends who sent a link to this story in the New York Times about Amy’s support for our evolving attitudes towards funerals and the funeral industry. Amy is a licensed funeral director whose favorite method of interment is green burial. She has also been in the same room with Jerrigrace Lyons, as have I, and must know the power of home funerals and home vigils.

Omphalos — what I called NYC — is Greek for navel and, by extension, the center of things or the divine axis mundi. Much culture flows outward from NYC and the NYT. It is publicity like Amy’s, in such a place and medium, that will get our cultural inertia over death and dying to move a little, perhaps, from its current assemblage point. So all of us in the business of green burial should celebrate high-flying notice like this. More green burial New York means more green burial for all of us, I expect.

All of us connected to the business of green burial — me as a cottage industrial manufacturer, she as a funeral director — we all do what we do but in addition, and most essentially, we help families reclaim the divine power of end-of-life care for their loved ones. It seems to me that Amy is that kind of champion.

The NYT profile mentions that Amy’s dad died in South Carolina. I wonder if she is from there. I wonder if she knows North Carolina. And, given her regard for green burial, I wonder if she knows about our NC vs. SC dueling green burial documentaries.

Well done and godspeed to Amy Cunningham.