Late to the toxic burial party

toxic burial

What one Johnny from SC sent me last week makes me feel like a johnny-come-lately.

For memory’s sake, we are Piedmont Pine Coffins. Since August 2013, we promote simpler, greener burial options and help families reclaim the power of caring for our own dead.

But how about since 2001? Forester and biologist Johnny Stowe sent me this article he and others wrote for the academic journal Conservation Biology in December of 2001. It predicts many of my own thoughts and feelings on these matters.

Here’s the link to a PDF: Toxic burial

[Western] ignorance, denial, apathy, complacency, greed, and arrogance are evident in the way we tend our dead. — p. 1818

Though replete with academic citations and full of dispassionate cultural context, Johnny doesn’t pull the punch:

Yes, tell them how you really feel! But I think you forgot “decadence” 🙂

Many thanks to Johnny Stowe for sharing this document.