Pine coffin workshop on ice at Melleray Farmstead

What Ice? Icelandic Sheep Unfazed by Cold Weather

What Ice? Icelandic Sheep Unfazed

If I wasn’t convinced before, I am now. After weathering the great Valentine’s Day Ice Storm of 2014, it’s time to build a new workshop for Piedmont Pine Coffins.

If you didn’t know, our current workshop is out in the open air. There’s an overhang, yes — call it a porch. There is a tool cabinet. There is also shelter for the wood and finished coffins. But the porch is exposed to the north wind, the cabinet lets in rain or snow, and there’s no shelter for the joiner!

The ice storm gave Piedmont Pine Coffins a snow day. Two, actually.

Don’t get me wrong. Melleray Farmstead, the cottage industrial home of Piedmont Pine Coffins, was gorgeous in the snow. Take a look at these snapshots I took of the animals (abiding) and the land (fallowing). It was a quiet and peaceful couple of days.

View North from the Garden

View North from the Garden

Still, it would have been good to be able to work as needed.

So, plans are underway to construct a small workshop plus a miniature warehouse. We’ll give it a green metal roof so it fits in with all the other buildings here at Melleray.