Simple pine box bookshelf

simple pine box bookshelf

Shepherds these days have PhD’s

Last week I built a simple pine box bookshelf for a shepherd. Now I know what you’re thinking, but stop it. Shepherds can too read. It’s time we stopped imagining them illiterate and waiting around for the Word to be born.

David the sheep shearer and yes, shepherd, came in April to visit Melleray Farmstead, the cottage industrial home of Piedmont Pine Coffins. It was time to shear our small flock of Icelandics, who laze and graze around our pastures here with names like Shamrock and Contessa. Just in time he came, too, for within a week the first little lambs were born. The lambs don’t need udders in felted wool coats. David passed me a sketch of a bookshelf he wanted made of naked pine for him to paint. A simple pine box bookshelf is not a simple pine box coffin, but I made it for him anyway. I support shepherd literacy. Most of them have at least a Masters these days.

simple pine box tools

Red-knob Stanley 45s

Dimensions and design decided, the construction was fairly easy. New readers be reminded that at Piedmont Pine Coffins we do everything with hand tools, no electricity. I was happy to practice a certain usage of my Stanley 45 plane: making dadoes (cross-grain grooves) in the middle of pine boards. The technique is useful in certain coffin designs, but it’s hard to do in pine because of the tendency to tear out huge chunks of wood as you reach the far end of the dado. Ed Lebetkin — the one with the vintage tool store in Pittsboro — helped me out greatly with advice for this technique.

One last note: lots of simple pine box coffin designs out there on the web actually double as bookshelves. That way you can get years of use out of the thing until it’s time to go in the ground. Google “coffin bookshelf.” Not what I’m talking about here, not my simple pine box bookshelf, but a capital idea.