Top 4 Ways to Reduce Funeral Costs

reducing funeral costs

Build the coffin

How can a family bring down funeral costs for a loved one? Here are four top ways, tried and true. Enacting even one of these can save you thousands.

First off, this PSA is brought to you by Piedmont Pine Coffins. We make green-manufactured pine coffins (actually, rectangular caskets, to be precise), and we help families control funeral costs — naturally.

Here’s the top 4 list, and I’ll give more details below.

  1. Home burial
  2. Cremate
  3. Home funeral
  4. Build the coffin

Home Burial. Yes, bury on your own land. An option for those with rural acreage. Call 919-357-1166 and we’ll pass on a few important tips. For example, whom do you call at the county office to get pre-approval? Don’t wait: You want pre-approval for this. Estimated reduction in funeral costs: $2000

Cremate. Not for everyone, but the flexibility you have here is desirable. If you combine this with #1 above (i.e., bury or scatter the ashes at home or another place of your choosing), you can hold the funeral for around $1000 total. Estimated funeral savings: $3000

Home Funeral. It’s still perfectly legal, and the good folks from the National Home Funeral Alliance can show you how. If you’re confused about this term, it simply means holding the funeral in your own home. You can even (easily) handle all the preparations of the body yourself in the traditional manner passed down through the ages from pre-Biblical times until now. It is a profound and engaging practice that many families say helps the healing begin. Estimated reduction in funeral costs: $2000

Funeral costs and the coffin

Build the coffin. Get easy plans FREE from us at Piedmont Pine Coffins. Use “edge-glued panel” from Lowes for a super fast and good-looking build. Estimated funeral savings: $1500.

Of course, you could also buy one of our hand-made coffins (see main menu link “BUY” above), and there are good reasons to make that your decision, too. However, that’s a subject for a future blog post. 🙂

For centuries, humans have honored their dead by sometimes literally pouring money into the ground with them, and I can see how that is a sign of respect. But please know that in 2018 you can honor your dead with word and song, with inexpensive flowers, touching tributes, and handmade coffins, all the while resting easy in the knowledge that you controlled funeral costs.

For the living, may grief yield to healing, and godspeed the adventure beyond for our dear departed loved ones!