Trundle Coffin Design #2

trundle coffin design

Body board or “trundle”

This update concerns our trundle coffin design. What’s a trundle coffin?

A trundle coffin is an elegant and old-school way of being laid to rest. Other adjectives that come to mind: monastic, radical, elemental. For those just joining in, I’ve written about the basics of trundle coffins here. My perfect green burial would involve a trundle.

After a recent re-design, our Piedmont Pine Coffins trundle coffin now looks like this, at left. You can think of a trundle as the body board of a coffin, minus everything else. A shrouded body is laid on the body board.

  • The elongated holes to the left and right are for securing the body to the trundle with cordage, cotton sheets, or silken scarves.
  • The thick cotton rope serves both as handles for transport and also as a way to lower the trundle into the grave.
  • All three wooden crosspieces, see photo, AND all three lengths of the thick cotton rope pass all the way under the body board for secure support.

We sell the trundles for $375. That’s an affordable coffin, folks. (There is tax, of course, and a delivery charge, except to Chatham and contiguous NC counties.)

In sum, consider a trundle coffin a lovely option for a burial. One help and sustenance is to go look at the beautiful shrouds available from designers like Kinkaraco in California. You may be moved.