The Wattlebee Project

Wattlebee Project Piedmont Pine Coffins and Melleray Farmstead had visitors Mel, Michael and Emma this past weekend from The Wattlebee Project near Adelaide, Australia. They’re on a study-travel tour of, well, the world. India and Nepal are next, part of a walkabout intended to gather ideas for a project they want to start back home that revolves around education, farming, and community.

They found us through

In them we found comrade spirits. Toughest weekend of the year to be at Melleray Farmstead — water lines frozen, stir up the embers and keep that fire going — but this family of three was up for it all, especially for good conversations about community and off-grid living.

Also, they camped out for the night in the coffin warehouse. Next to the woodstove. Right cozy, they said.