Your big day, your birthday

your big day

A talking box

Go big on birthdays, sez Your Coffin.

Yes, if your coffin could talk, it’d tell you to do it up right for yourself when your big day comes around this year.

Things in this life have an obverse and reverse, a light and a shadow. Mountains have valleys and birdsong, silence. A birthday, your coffin would slyly advise, also proposes a someday deathday. So celebrate like it’s 2999. Celebrate like you’ll never taste cake or collards or shrimp or pilsner again. Never smell a puro from Nicaragua. And, oh god, never again feel the crush of a loved one’s bosom in embrace. Grandma, I miss you for that!

Your big day

I was reminded of the salvation of the 5 senses when I heard this palliative care doctor speaking about the Zen Hospice Project in San Francisco, CA, USA. The delight of even one — for aroma’s sake, Zen Hospice bakes cookies, even for those who can no longer eat — is a secret door to gratitude. And it is gratitude that opens up the gentle path to passing over in contentment. Here’s how Dr. BJ Miller puts it in his succinct and poetic oratory at 14:01 of the clip, which you can see in full below:

Sensuous, aesthetic gratification, where in a moment, in an instant, we are rewarded for just being. So much of it comes down to loving our time by way of the senses, by way of the body — the very thing doing the living and the dying.

Man, that’s good. Compared to that, a coffin would stutter and cough. Couldn’t put it better.

Happy birthday, y’all. It’s your big day.