The Ecclesiastes Casket Flag and “memento mori” Funeral Banner

our memento mori funeral banner, or casket flag
The Ecclesiastes Casket Flag

The Ecclesiastes Casket Flag is an heirloom memento mori banner for use on the day of a funeral. Then, later, as a blessing in your home! Its welcome message is gentle, timeless, and death-positive. The quote is from Ecclesiastes 3:1 — “There is a time for everything under the sun.”

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Handmade by Don and his family, this durable beauty hangs in your living room or kitchen long after the funeral. In fact, a version of this banner hung in our very own home for 30 years and still looks great. A beautiful piece of art, and a comfort.

Memory pocket

On the banner’s reverse you’ll notice a special feature. There is a “memory pocket” for loved ones’ pictures or funeral cards. That pocket means you can re-use this treasure at ceremonies down through the years, an object of the heart to bind your family history together.

We make these memento mori casket flags, a.k.a. funeral banners, one by one, by hand, a crafted labor of love. Materials are burlap, felt, yarn, and golden fringe.

Order yours today! That our loved ones’ memories might be a blessing to the living!

(You may know that once upon a time we here at Piedmont Pine Coffins made simple box caskets by hand, and we can still get you one through our friends at Aldergrove Woodworks. Full story here.)